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Contractors and freelancers have to have some way to get paid. Thus, they use services such as Cash App, Payline, Stripe, and so on. They do...

For Those Who Want My Input About the V


I really don't have much commentary about it.  

If you feel it's necessary, cool. 

If you don't feel it's necessary, cool. 

If you've gotten it, and you're fine, cool.  Good for you.

If you haven't gotten it, and you're still fine, cool. Good for you.

If businesses don't want to employ or entertain people who haven't gotten it, cool. If they want to reward those who have, cool. They have those rights. 

If the world wants to blame everything on the un-V'd, cool. They're entitled to their opinion.

If the world wants to punish anyone who has reservations or questions about putting experimental things in their bodies, alright. They've been granted the temporary power to do so. 

If all American citizens are now going to be segregated and discriminated against because of their V or Un-V'd status, okay. It's been done in America many times before based on other factors. 

I do not care. 

Yes, I care about other people's lives, and I care about my life. But I don't care to get involved in nonsense or confusion. God is not the author of confusion, and He is not the father of lies, nonsense, hatred, or oppression. 

I might be V'd and I might be Un-V'd. Neither is any of your business. 

If you think I'm not, and you're "scared" of "getting something from me," you can kindly stay the hell away from me. I'd like that very much. 

If you think I am, you can still stay the hell away from me. In fact, please do. I'd like that very much. 

The time has come when we all have to make the decision that we truly believe in. We have to do what we feel is best for our own health. Damn what anyone else says or thinks about our personal decisions. Certain entities have already shown me that I can't trust them, and they don't really care whether I live or die. It's not likely that those entities have had a sudden change of heart about my welfare. Not one individual or institution was there for me when I almost died, and some folks even outright lied and covered things up. So I give zero f*cks what they have to say now. 

I'm not about to argue with anyone, go back and forth, or defend or attack anything. 

Don't call me wanting to discuss this subject, or I will promptly end the call. Don't send me videos because I will not watch them. Don't ask me questions about my personal V business because you won't get an answer. Mind your business and your business alone. 

Weird Stuff Drivers Do: Turning the Radio Down for Clear Vision


Why do some drivers turn the radio volume down so they can SEE better? Lol! By "some drivers," I mean me. I do it all the time as if lowering the volume will somehow give me more visual road clarity. The funny part is that it works. A comedian made a joke about that years ago, and I thought it was hilarious. Too bad I don't remember who it was.